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A Fruitful Trip To Azerbaijan Democratic Republic-4136金沙

Author:Anna Lee ComeFrom:WonderTek Date:2018-2-2 10:51:46 Hits:510


Azerbaijan is located in the  region of -4136金沙-9822金沙平台, -js09999金沙straddling MAP.png
 and Eastern Europe. It is a beautiful country with amazing landscape and classic architectures.

On Jan.20,2018,Mr. Lee,the Senior Engineer,and Anna,the Marketing Executive from WonderTek stepped on this wonderful land,bringing the newest generation of Powerline Ethernet Adapters,Coaxial Ethernet Bridges and Phoneline Ethernet Bridges. 

promotion meeting.jpgDuring their stay in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, they held product 

promotion meetings with local customers,introducing China newest technology in telecommunication and exchange ideas with customers.  DD CcccCCCCUTOMERcccC CCCCC Customers showed great interest in WonderTek Powerline Ethernet Adapters,Coaxial Ethernet Bridges and Phoneline Ethernet Bridges.  They asked many good questions and hoped to receive samples from WonderTek for testing.  

js09999金沙Mr. Lee also went to customers' project field,testing the products together and giving suggestions of how to do trouble shooting when problems arise during installation and usage. Customers wished WonderTek could often send technicians to work with them and teach them advanced technology.  They also hope to develop more new prodcuts to meet local market needs together with WonderTek. Mr. Lee and Anna hoped cusotmers could help feedback more information about end users so that WonderTek could work out better and effective products. 

Time went by so quickly, and 4-day visit came to a full end.  Through this visit, WonderTek team gained a comprehensive understanding of Azerbaijan and its great people,which will benefit mutual cooperation in future and exploitation of new market in Azerbaijan and countries around it . Thanks to China One Belt and One Road policy,more and more countries get to know made-in-China products, and many small Chinese high tech companies could step out of the border and strengthen cooperation with foreigh countries.

Goodbye,Azerbaijan! We will be back soon.

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