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Automated Logistics Sorting System

Author:Anna Lee ComeFrom:WonderTek Date:2018-3-21 14:09:46 Hits:405

On Mar.21, WonderTek technicians went to the customer's location to guide their field techinicians to install WonderTek industrial use DIN powerline ethernet bridges in the logistics sorting system. After 3 hours' installation, setting and testing, the techinicians learned enough about WonderTek technology and operated them skillfully.  This is the fifth sucessful case since the beginning of Year 2018. With promotion efforts from WonderTek sales and techinical teams, WonderTek technology in powerline adapters is acknolowdged and acceptable by many techinical personnel and gradually adopted in many industries like smart parking lots, automated container terminals, Isolated Conduction Rail(ICR) and  CCTV surveillance systems. 

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